Healthier options in Latin America

Nutrition is increasingly becoming the focus of governments, healthcare policymakers and our customers. In Latin America a demand for healthier options informs Givaudan’s TasteSolutions® programme, which is at the forefront of health and wellness flavours in the Latin American market.

Givaudan’s TasteSolutions® programme enables our customers to achieve superior taste performance in their brands and products. TasteSolutions® is a broad offering, with solutions in salt, sweetness, umami (the fifth taste along with sweet, sour, bitter and salty) and mouthfeel. As well as providing taste enhancements, Givaudan also delivers healthier options in these areas, utilising the industry’s most comprehensive taste ingredient palette.

In Latin America, we are now spearheading the growth strategy for Flavours with our TasteSolutions® technologies. This strong brand, supported by an extensive global programme in taste research, provides customers with the quality assurance and confidence they require for the development of healthier products.

Julia is Head of Latin America Flavours Communications. She explains why Givaudan chose to host a series of TasteSolutions® customer seminars in 2013, in five countries across the region: “Health and wellness issues are of increasing importance to many governments in Latin America. Diseases related to poor diet have increased dramatically in the last decade, across the continent. Now, new regulations are either in place or are planned, looking to legislate for reductions, and greater transparency, in fat, salt and sugar levels.”

Partnering with local nutritionists

Givaudan’s theme for the 2013 seminar programme held in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico addressed the evolution of non-communicable chronic diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension, and their local impact. We partnered with recognised nutritionist who are expert in their respective fields. Central to our message was how we can help to change one of the most important consumer barriers to healthier products, which is the perception of ‘low taste’ in reduced fat, salt and sugar products.

Julia points to the success of the seminars and how they demonstrate Givaudan’s leadership in combatting local health and wellness issues: “This series of seminars was unique, and was welcomed by many of our customers. It illustrates how proactive we are in partnering across industries, leading the way in providing solutions to a major societal problem. Givaudan has a value proposition that helps the food and beverage industries in Latin America to create delightful healthy products.”

With the huge social and economical impacts of a healthier population, Givaudan’s solutions are helping pave the way to a better future for its customers and society.