Reduce sugar, retain great taste with ‘Beyond Sweetness’

In November 2018, we launched ‘Beyond Sweetness’, a new product development approach that combines new ingredients and a proprietary sensory language and deep understanding of sweetness and satisfaction.

Michelin-starred chef Thomas Bühner preparing sugar-reduced food

It delivers up to 50% reduction in sugar while maintaining consumer preference and allows for the creation of natural sugar reduced products that are fully satisfying without added sweeteners.

Continuing our long-standing work in TasteSolutions® Sweet, our extensive consumer research found that consumers often notice more than just an absence of sweetness when sugar is reduced. They might find products bland, tasteless, boring or watery. So formulating products that are less sweet is more complicated than simply adding water.

Through our Beyond Sweetness platform, we enable customers to recreate the overall sensory experience and develop great tasting products that consumers love and are better for them, with reduced sugar.