Increasing eco-efficiency in Brazil

By executing a full Site Eco-Efficiency Plan (SEEP) at the Jaguaré site in Brazil, Givaudan was able to eliminate CHF 100,000 in operational costs.

At the Jaguaré site in Brazil, a multi-functional team undertook a KPI improvements initiative in 2013. The process began by looking at the site’s energy consumption figures. Following a deep understanding of the consumption data, a SEEP was then created, outlining potential projects and studies regarding process improvements and waste disposal.

Project lead Charles, Regional EHS Manager LATAM, points to some of the benefits of the KPIs improvement programme: “We have eliminated and avoided about CHF 100,000 in operational costs, through better solutions for waste disposal and partnership with new suppliers of environmental services. In doing so, we have vastly increased our knowledge on consumption and have created a strong working group between the Flavour and Fragrance Division. Jaguaré is today a much more eco-efficient site thanks to the team’s efforts.”