Energy savings come out of the mist

By using mist instead of high-pressure water systems in our Naarden facility in the Netherlands, we were able to reduce carbon emissions and cut energy costs. 

Bio-filters in the manufacturing process are essential for minimising odour emissions, and require a high humidity environment, commonly achieved using steam. At Givaudan’s Naarden facility, in the Netherlands, the local Green Team looked to convert the process from steam to a high-pressure water system based on developing a ‘water fog’.

The new process incorporates a framework utilising spray nozzles attached to a high-pressure pump. Jan, Product Manager Engineering, comments on the solution: “With the new nozzle system we create a very fine water mist, which dissolves in the air, achieving almost 100% humidity. Producing steam for moistening requires 300,000 Nm3 of natural gas per annum, so this is a significant saving on energy costs and carbon emissions.”