Ethanol gets hung out to dry in Brazil

Reducing the use of expensive and risky materials such as ethanol at Givaudan’s Jaguaré site, in São Paulo, Brazil is just one example of how we are greening operations.

At Givaudan’s Jaguaré site, in São Paulo, Brazil, a cross-functional Green Team has created a project to eliminate, or drastically reduce, ethanol usage for drying and deodorising equipment such as feed tanks, blenders, pumps and related equipment. Ethanol is very efficient, but it is also expensive and adds more risk and exposure to our employees as a flammable liquid. An additional benefit was the reduction of the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in the effluent sent to the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP).

Claudio, Flavour Operations Director and project lead, commented on the initiative: “There was no significant monetary investment, just the time and expertise of our people. This successful initiative represents true paradigm breaking, whilst increasing safety, reducing our impact on the environment and being more cost-effective. It has stimulated our employees to constantly be looking at established processes in order to find opportunities for improvement.”