Making an impact at a local level

The Leadership Board Green Team Awards 2014 recognise our employees’ selfless commitment to sustainability. 

Givaudan is proud to be able to say that right across the organisation, employees at our manufacturing and office sites form dedicated, creative Green Teams. Their intention is to create local sustainability initiatives that impact our own performance, as well as our customers, and ultimately consumers. There are almost 80 Green Teams worldwide, whose activities range from social and environmental projects in local communities to efficiency programmes internally. Our employees engage in Green Team activities voluntarily, illustrating our culture of acting with heart and soul.

To mark these endeavours, Givaudan holds an annual award programme that recognises Green Teams’ efforts. The Leadership Board Green Team Award 2014 was the fifth of its kind, and this year saw the introduction of a new category, ‘Eco-efficiency’, complementing the existing ‘Commercial’ and ‘Manufacturing’ categories. 18 entries were submitted by our manufacturing Green Teams and three from teams located at commercial sites.

Pascal, Givaudan Global Sustainability Manager, explains why in 2014, the Award introduced ‘Eco-efficiency’: “We added the third category for eco-efficiency this year in order to reinvigorate the interest for the Green Team Award within manufacturing. In recent years, many of the winners have come out of the social initiatives, even from the manufacturing sites, and we really wanted to emphasise how important eco-efficiency is to the Company, and to recognise it in its own right. When it comes to making a positive difference, efficiencies within the company are absolutely key to our overall performance and contribute significantly to driving a sustainable business model.”

The winners of the Leadership Board Green Team Awards 2014 are as follows:

Towards the ‘paperless office’ in Bogotá, Colombia

This year’s winner of the Commercial Award recognises a simple, yet inspired, approach to sustainability through reducing the need for paper in the business. Every year, each individual at Bogotá usually uses up 3,600 sheets of paper, which amounted to a staggering 291,600 sheets in 2012.

In 2013, the Bogotá Green Team introduced the paperless initiative, promoting awareness of the issue via periodicals, emails and news bulletins, advising how to reduce paper usage. The Green Team highlighted the fact that the programme would not only save money, but also reduce the site’s CO2 footprint and promote a healthier environment all round.

Over the course of the first two years, 142,630 sheets of paper have been saved, which corresponds to saving 428 trees, 52.5 million litres of water, 73 MWh of electricity and 12.8 tonnes of reduced air pollution. It is also estimated that Givaudan saved 10,000 USD on the procurement of paper, ink and energy. On paper, or otherwise, this is a truly great achievement.

Our sights set on the gift of sight in Jigani

The Manufacturing category Award was given to our Green Team at the Jigani site in Bangalore, India, for their ‘Retinopathy of premature children’ programme, which sponsors infants in need of eyesight correction surgery on their retinas, using laser technology.

The team collaborated with the Vittala International Institute of Ophthalmology (VIIO), a charitable eye hospital in Bangalore, which conducts the surgery on infants, who would potentially be blinded for life if their conditions were left unattended. The Jigani Green Team offers financial support to the organisation, as well as to volunteers, who help to raise funds for checking the children’s eyesight at local schools.

This particular initiative reflects the Company’s charitable theme of Blindness. Taking a multi-stakeholder approach brings together individuals from local communities, the authorities and hospital staff, as well as volunteers, delivering a significant impact in giving children the gift of sight, for life.

Eco-efficiency with a fresh, floral note

Florhydral is a scented note with a very fresh, floral and natural odour, used in all areas of perfumery, as well as in laundry products. Demand is on the increase and the St. Celoni site in Spain, where Florhydral is its highest volume ingredient, was challenged with doubling capacity in 2014, from 120 tonnes to 240 tonnes per year, while reducing its environmental impact.

The St. Celoni Green Team identified three areas of improvement as the focus for action, namely: utilising bulk raw materials, instead of drums; changing the gas mixing procedures to save on transport, and optimising steps in the production process.

The resulting improvements included energy savings equivalent to the annual consumption of 15 Spanish families of four, and the reductions in CO2 emissions were equivalent to carbon absorption achieved by 5,000 trees.

The inaugural Eco-efficiency Award showed true engineering ingenuity, with a cross-functional creative approach, which addressed both a business and sustainability issue through applying green chemistry principles. In many ways it represents the essence of good sustainability practice: generating more revenue while reducing our carbon footprint and marginal costs.