Local Green Teams empower employees

The people who really make Givaudan an example for sustainability best practice are our employees. Engaged in sustainability through local Green Teams, this great work by Givaudan volunteers is celebrated at the annual Leadership Board Green Team Awards.

2013 marked the fourth annual Leadership Board Green Team Award. Twenty-one entries were submitted in total, 15 for manufacturing sites and six for commercial sites. The Leadership Board chose two clear winners: Mexico City for their project ‘Engaging the customers’ (Commercial) and Mount Olive, New Jersey for ‘The Braille Trail’ (Manufacturing).

Joe, Head of Global Human Resources, EHS and Chair of Sustainability, commented on the winners: “With their innovative approach in dealing with sustainability issues, the Mount Olive and Mexico City Green Teams have demonstrated that sustainability is becoming part of the DNA of Givaudan. Well done to the winners, and to all our Green Teams, who are actively pointing the way to a more sustainable future for the Company.”

Our Green Teams initiative reveals a passion for sustainability across the business, with staff willing and able to contribute to a better society.