Charity begins with engaging all the senses

Givaudan employees also engage in charitable initiatives. The winners of the 2013 Leadership Board Green Team Award created a sensory experience for people with visual impairments at Mount Olive, New Jersey.

Blindness is the corporate charitable theme for our Fragrance Division. Accordingly, our manufacturing site at Mount Olive, New Jersey, initiated and funded the development of a unique walking trail, called ‘The Braille Trail’, in collaboration with members of the Township of Mount Olive and the State of New Jersey. Givaudan employees actively participated in the trail’s creation, which enhances the beauty of the environment, offering a multi-sensory experience to people with visual impairments.

The project is composed of a number of well-considered elements, including; a rope that the sight-impaired can follow as they enjoy the trail; and specific trail locations with plaques signed in braille. The plaques display historical facts and provide information regarding the surrounding sights and sounds.

In terms of sustainability, minimal impact was made to the area’s natural systems and wildlife, and the trail requires almost no maintenance.

As with this initiative, the imagination, compassion and of Givaudan employees can be harnessed to bring joy to local communities.