An engaging approach in Mexico City

Engaging with our customers on sustainability issues brings additional resources to great causes.

In Mexico City, the ‘Engaging the Customer’ programme was established in 2013. Objectives included expanding our local sustainability vision, raising awareness in a wider group of people, and communicating with customers on our sustainability strategy.

Activities within the programme were comprehensive and diverse. They included partnering with our customer, Jafra, to provide ecological awareness messaging to over 72,000 children. Jafra taught children how to make perfumes in a fun setting. Givaudan proposed that the children be taught the importance of saving water and given an explanation as to why Jafra uses biodegradable ingredients in their fragrances. At another event, National Reforestation Day saw over 70 people, including many Givaudan employees, plant over 1,000 trees. One of our key customers, Colgate, also took part in the tree-planting, together with Givaudan.