Making our voice heard on sustainability issues

Engaging in debate and encouraging others to drive change, Givaudan is standing up for sustainable business practices in the fragrance industry.

Protecting the future of perfumery and the fragile ecosystems associated with this field requires multi-stakeholder collaboration. Givaudan therefore often shares its findings with a wider audience. Leveraging external platforms helps the industry, brands, perfumers and raw materials suppliers to drive change.

Linda, Fragrance Division PR/Communications, explains some actions taken in 2013: “We contributed to “How the cosmetics industry is greening up”: a book written by Amarjit Sahota of Organic Monitor, with a chapter on ethical sourcing. In it, we discuss the business case for ethical sourcing and outlined the beauty industry’s sustainability challenges. In February 2013, we also spoke at a meeting of the British Society of Perfumers’, debating whether ethical sourcing in perfumery is simply ‘nice’ or a ‘necessity’.”