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Clove transport

Madagascar, partnering for sustainable clove leaf oil

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This magical destination of Madagascar has long been a part of ancient trade routes for sourcing spices such as pepper, anise and vanilla. Madagascar is also home to the spicy, warm, smell of clove and Givaudan has forged a special way of sourcing and transforming clove leaf oil, a key ingredient for our creations. 

It’s not only from an office or over the phone that we can ensure the quality and quantity of the world’s most precious natural ingredients. To gather some of the plants and oils required for our sweet and savoury goods, it is essential that we go to the source, being active in the field, buying from local farmers and trekking across all kinds of terrain to meet and forge relationships with the producers we rely on. By being present on the ground we can ensure the long term supply of many rare yet essential materials – and support the communities which produce them.

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Givaudan’s collection network

One such example is the clove leaf oil that we source in Madagascar, a key ingredient for many of our flavour and fragrance products. This natural oil is sourced through Givaudan’s own collection network. From the end of 2016, we’ll also be able to process the oil into clove derivatives at NATEMA a new factory on the island.

The clove leaf oil collection network echoes the sourcing model that Givaudan has piloted in Sulawesi, Indonesia, with patchouli producers. Here, with a strong presence on the ground, we enjoy dynamic relationships with farmers, distillers, and a network of producers who sell their product to local Givaudan field buyers. Relying on their expertise needed for sourcing ingredients, our teams travel the country to buy directly from distillers, village associations, and collectors, guaranteeing a regular purchase of their product as well as providing technical advice.

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Local value creation

By the end of 2016, the clove leaf oil will be transformed at the NATEMA facility, a joint venture announced in late 2014. The project was established with Givaudan’s long-term partner, Henri Fraise Fils, a well-established company in Madagascar which shares the same ambition as Givaudan. Together we aim to support local value creation and we are pleased to be working with a company that has a similar mind-set, strategy and vision.

The Madagascar collection network, complemented by the transformation facility will contribute to a constant supply – both in terms of quality and quantity – for the clove oil and its derivatives, which is so invaluable for our customers. This way of working gives us a degree of control over the whole value chain. Furthermore, by developing stronger ties and deeper trust with local producers, we recognise the role we play in helping to preserve the local environment. We have set up a natural resources preservation programme, working with a local NGO and village associations to plant fast-growing trees in the clove leaf distillation areas; 40,000 of these trees were planted in 2015.