Pune facility discharges zero liquid into surrounding environment, reduces water consumption

Our green field facility in Pune, India boasts the ultimate cutting edge treatment system for a strong reduction of the city water usage and the total elimination of waste water effluent into neighbouring waterways.

Givaudan Pune, India

Designed on the principle of ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’, 100% of the discharge must be recycled or reused: our innovative processes are allowing us to reduce intake from the municipal water system by as much as 50%. The plant takes in about 67 cubic meters of water from the municipal water supply every day – while the plant is running in a closed loop, the food safety regulations bans water recycling, therefore the resulting waste water is evaporated through a combination of technologies and specific plants.

This water is first treated by ultra-filtration, a process that separates clean water from solids through membranes. That water is then immediately ready for use in some industrial process applications and for use in the showers, kitchens and sinks.

Water destined for use in the plant’s ingredients must be treated further, this time by reverse osmosis, another technology that removes any particles and some ions from the water thanks to highly selective membranes. Any effluent that is left over from this process then joins that left over from the industrial processes in the waste water treatment plant, where it is reprocessed and ultimately used again.

Water used in the domestic installations is treated by a sewage treatment plant that converts pollution into biogas; the water is then used to irrigate the site’s gardens. Ultimately, through the various steps and processes, the site ends up with just two by-products that cannot be processed any further: water, which is evaporated through irrigation and the dry solids that are left from it.

“In a nutshell, all the wastewater is purified and recycled, leaving zero discharge at the end of the treatment cycle.”

Dipankar, Site Engineering Manager