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Eco-efficiency: On target for 2020

  • Making a positive difference
  • Be more ambitious
  • Innovation in Operations
Making a positive difference
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With clear eco-efficiency objectives on energy, water, CO2 emissions and waste, Givaudan’s global sites are working hard to get results. We look at how far we have come, and some of the ways we plan to go further.

While everyone at Givaudan plays an important role in our Sustainability goal of ‘Making a positive difference’, the people at our global sites are key in helping make our eco-efficiency targets a reality. Let’s take a look at the big picture, along with a few of the many initiatives that are currently ongoing and critical to driving our commitment over the next five years.

Be more ambitious
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Be more ambitious

In 2015, Givaudan announced its 2020 strategy with a focus on delivering ‘Responsible growth. Shared success.’ Recognising that success is no longer measured by financial figures alone, the strategy is a roadmap that articulates Givaudan’s commitment: reducing the impact of our activities on the environment while strengthening the social and economic fabric of the communities in which we operate.
> Vision and strategy

Given that in 2015 we had already achieved two of our original 2020 eco-efficiency targets, set in 2009, we saw the opportunity to be more ambitious.


Reduction targets


That is why we adopted strengthened targets for 2020, as shown below.

  • Stabilise our carbon footprint by reducing absolute CO2 emissions by at least 4% year on year in order to compensate for growing production volumes
  • Reduce our waste production and energy consumption per tonne of product by 4% year on year 
  • Reduce our water usage by 15% per tonne of product between 2010 and 2020*   

Awarded on CDP’s Climate ‘A’ List

In November 2015, Givaudan was recognised as a global leader for corporate action on climate change by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the international not-for-profit organisation that drives sustainable economies. Earning the highest possible score of 100A, Givaudan was awarded a position on the CDP’s Climate ‘A’ List of 113 companies, and named both a country leader for Switzerland and a category leader for the Materials sector.

To formalise our commitment to eco-efficiency, Givaudan is a signatory to four commitments put forward in the CDP ‘Road to Paris’ initiative.
> On the road to Paris


* This target remains unchanged compared to the original 2020 eco-efficiency target for water announced in 2010.
Innovation in Operations
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Innovation in Operations

Four stories demonstrate the latest actions taken at site level by our operational teams. Have a look at some of the innovative ways they are making our operations more eco-efficient:

Our flavour ingredients site near Cincinnati has gone from zero to hero in just a few years by changing mindsets at every level of the organisation, factoring water consumption into project plans and implementing several initiatives that save an annual equivalent of water contained in 22 Olympic swimming pools.
Every drop counts in Carthage

Since 2009, our fragrance ingredients site in Mexico has reduced carbon emissions by 26% by switching from fuel oil to natural gas. Now the site is gearing up for even better performance with cogeneration, an energy-efficient process that uses natural gas to generate electricity and steam.
Energy savings go full steam ahead at Pedro Escobedo

We look at how a circular economy model in northeast France is helping to sustainably transform the way we produce active cosmetic ingredients. Givaudan Active Beauty is harnessing biotechnology expertise to contribute to a positive growth dynamic at the Bazancourt-Pomacle biorefinery while helping achieve our eco-efficiency targets.
Coming full circle with Givaudan Active Beauty

Both the Jigani and Daman sites in India are actively pursuing Green Team initiatives. They are just two examples of how Givaudan employees around the world are voluntarily putting their ingenuity to work in order to achieve improvements in eco-efficiency.
India’s Green Teams in the spotlight