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A sensitive solution that benefits everyone

Finding alternatives to animal testing is a goal not limited to just Givaudan, but for many companies operating in the cosmetics industry. The KeratinoSens® assay is an alternative to animal testing that has now been officially adopted as a number of validated approaches to the issue. Givaudan is happy to share its landmark research breakthrough for the greater good.

Givaudan’s journey through China

China has seen unprecedented change in modern times, as its economy has blossomed to become one of the world’s most dynamic marketplaces. Givaudan is perfectly placed to meet the quick-growing demand of customers and consumers for new taste and flavour experiences.

Imagine having 4,000 flavours on the tip of your tongue

What does it take to bring the world’s most exciting flavours to our customers?

An invitation to find yourself in Selfridges’ Fragrance Lab

Selfridges, London, invited people to enjoy a groundbreaking new way to shop for fragrance as part of its Beauty Project in summer, 2014. In a unique association with Givaudan, The Future Laboratory, and Campaign, the store offered an experience that was as immersive as it was entertaining. Customers were profiled online or in-store and then invited to follow a multi-sensorial audio-guided path that even entered the iconic Selfridges windows.

Perfumery needs naturals

Our Innovative Naturals programme reinforces the sustainability of our business. Talk about perfumery and natural essential oils come immediately to mind. They have inspired perfumers for centuries. However, in an evermore crowded world that needs feeding as well as fragrancing, some of our perfume ingredients need protecting.

Making scents of a changing world

Brazilians and Mexicans are scent seekers open to a wide range of olfactive experiences. In Russia, designer perfumes continue to be a sign of status, while in China, women wear men’s perfume and men wear women’s. Each of our 4,500 fragrance employees is tuned to what consumers want… and we invite our customers to listen in too.

Discover the science behind our sense of smell

Uplifted, nostalgic, comforted… our brains are hardwired to translate the different smells that we come across daily, into feelings. That’s because our noses rapidly send signals into several areas of the brain. What two areas are these? Of all the senses, smell is the most directly connected with memory. John, one of Givaudan’s leading neuroscientists, explains how, by understanding the science, perfumes can be designed to soothe or to stimulate.