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A never-ending passion for citrus

Givaudan Flavour’s TasteTrek® programme is key to exploring citrus. This truly global programme dates back to 2006 when we began working in the University of California’s Citrus Variety Collection. Nearly ten years later, Givaudan’s collaboration with UCR typifies our ongoing commitment to both the University and citrus.

Clear objectives on eco-efficiency

We’re working across the entire organisation to meet ambitious eco-efficiency targets in relation to energy, water and waste.

On the road to Paris

In December 2015, 196 countries met in Paris for the latest United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21). Givaudan is proud to be one of over 180 companies committed to this ‘Road to Paris’ initiative.

Driving sustainability to new heights

The logistics of moving products from A to Z is a complex matter, as you would expect, for an international company such as Givaudan.

It’s a matter of fluidity

We all take water for granted: from our morning shower to the refreshing litres we drink every day. Water goes well beyond meeting our personal needs though: it is essential to the smooth running of cities, towns and businesses.

Workshopping a new mindset

Change the way you look at things, and everything can be seen differently. Givaudan's Energy Workshops are now making staff see energy usage in a new light.

Fashion and fragrance: a creative dialogue that is heaven scent

The artistic festival of Hyères is a bold creative platform for designers and perfumers alike.

Making an impact at a local level

Givaudan’s presentations at the World Perfumery Congress and the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in 2014 spoke of a future with challenges, but one where our industry is coming up roses. Here we explain why attending these events is so important.

Increasing eco-efficiency in Brazil

By executing a full Site Eco-Efficiency Plan (SEEP) at the Jaguaré site in Brazil, Givaudan was able to eliminate CHF 100,000 in operational costs.

Getting sustainability off the ground

Givaudan’s Global Transport Project has managed to reduce the carbon footprint of outbound transport by decreasing air freight, while still increasing production volume.

Putting Ashford on the map

To raise awareness of energy and water consumption at our Ashford site in the UK, a site energy map was created.

Working on the ground to harvest unique opportunities

Producing a unique and traceable quality of patchouli oil requires the development of good relationships out in the field. This is perfectly illustrated in the creation of a farming partnership in Borneo.

Why palm oil is still a burning issue

Palm oil is an environmentally sensitive ingredient. We partner on many fronts to ensure that Givaudan demonstrates responsible sourcing efforts in this area.

Local Green Teams empower employees

The people who really make Givaudan an exemplary for sustainability best practice are our employees. Engaged in sustainability through local Green Teams, this great work by Givaudan staff is celebrated at the annual Leadership Board Green Team Awards.

Benchmarking makes us perform better

By working with partner associations to self-assess our processes, Givaudan can ensure its sustainability practices continue to improve.