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Early testing for a superior innovation pipeline

Innovations that enable the early testing of molecules have a wide range of benefits for customers, consumers and the environment.

Green chemistry in action

In recent years, the principles of green chemistry, and in particular the emerging field of bioscience research, have been actively applied as a key approach to sustainable innovation at Givaudan.

Adventure and exploration around the globe

From the 1700s, when tall ships carried perfumes and oils across the oceans, to the 1930s and 40s, when famed researcher Ernest Guenther travelled the world in search of the best sources of essential oils, adventure and exploration has been deep in Givaudan’s roots.

Making a positive difference by renewed eco-efficiency commitments

We have been tackling our eco-efficiency targets to limit the impact of our activities on the environment for some time, and now we are setting more ambitious goals for 2020.

Staying beautiful longer: Building our ACI business

Our cutting-edge range of active cosmetic ingredients is the beauty of science, inspiring well-being.

A love affair with citrus: An inspiring consumer trend

Consumers love citrus. From oranges and lemons to grapefruit and limes, citrus is used every day in juices, fizzy drinks, tea and cooking. It is truly a global flavour favourite.

Mapping the regulatory landscape for sourcing

Due to the ever-increasing need for sustainable products, Givaudan is faced with challenges that come with a constantly shifting global regulatory landscape.

Madagascar, partnering for sustainable clove leaf oil

Think Madagascar, think a lush tropical island famous for its vibrant and exotic wildlife and flora.

Transforming traditions for the future

In Andalusia, Spain, traditional methods of processing the fragrant Cistus Labdanum gum were out-dated and not optimised for local workers or the environment. Something had to be done. Read our progress report.

Fly with us over the fragrant fields of France

Stunning new technology takes you closer to our passion.

Connect, chat and change at key events

Givaudan’s presentations at the World Perfumery Congress and the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in 2014 spoke of a future with challenges, but one where our industry is coming up roses. Here we explain why attending these events is so important.

Doing more to impact less

2014 saw another strong set of results against our 2020 eco-efficiency targets. When Givaudan began its sustainability journey at the turn of the century, eco-efficiency was central to our efforts. As global awareness around climate change passed from scientific communities into popular consciousness, we recognised the part we had to play in minimising the effects of CO2 emissions.

Healthier choices, rich in possibilities

Health and wellness remains a key pillar of Givaudan’s corporate strategy, and lies at the heart of our sustainability efforts. 2014 saw Givaudan launch its latest addition to the TasteSolutions® portfolio, which has driven flavoursome, healthier eating options in the 21st Century. TasteSolutions® Richness goes some way to seeking out the ‘Holy Grail’ of flavour in readymade, processed foods, namely the recreation of rich, authentic ‘homemade’ taste sensations.

AIM-PROGRESS: collaboration, compliance, and continuous improvement

AIM-PROGRESS is a global framework for multinationals, mainly fast moving consumer goods companies, which have joined forces in the name of responsible sourcing. For many of these large-scale consumer goods producers, raw materials form the backbone of their business, and these natural resources must be sourced, grown and harvested in a responsible manner along their supply chains.

An engaging approach in Mexico City

Engaging with our customers on sustainability issues brings additional resources to great causes.