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Putting Ashford on the map

To raise awareness of energy and water consumption at our Ashford site in the UK, a site energy map was created.

Working on the ground to harvest unique opportunities

Producing a unique and traceable quality of patchouli oil requires the development of good relationships out in the field. This is perfectly illustrated in the creation of a farming partnership in Borneo.

Why palm oil is still a burning issue

Palm oil is an environmentally sensitive ingredient. We partner on many fronts to ensure that Givaudan demonstrates responsible sourcing efforts in this area.

Local Green Teams empower employees

The people who really make Givaudan an exemplary for sustainability best practice are our employees. Engaged in sustainability through local Green Teams, this great work by Givaudan staff is celebrated at the annual Leadership Board Green Team Awards.

Benchmarking makes us perform better

By working with partner associations to self-assess our processes, Givaudan can ensure its sustainability practices continue to improve.

Partnering in a world first

Partnering with sodium experts AkzoNobel Salt Specialties, Givaudan has helped to create a salt replacer for the meat industry.

A forest of socio-economic rewards

Employees at Givaudan look for ways to give back to the local communities in which they work as well as to promote sustainability in action. By planting 800 trees with the help of local children in the Andes Mountains, Givaudan is not only helping carbon capture but inspiring the youth of the region.

A garden of opportunity in Soweto

In South Africa, a Givaudan Green Team has built a garden in a shelter in Soweto to provide a sustainable source of food and learning opportunities for the children who live there.

Charity begins with engaging all the senses

Givaudan employees also engage in charitable initiatives. The winners of the 2013 Leadership Board Green Team Award created a sensory experience for people with visual impairments at Mount Olive, New Jersey. Blindness is the corporate charitable theme for our Fragrance Division. Accordingly, our

‘Safety first’ puts customers first

Listening to our stakeholders and identifying their priorities using a materiality matrix has taught us that safety continues to be a concern of paramount importance.

Concentrating innovation on powder juice drinks

With tomorrow’s resources in mind, Givaudan is investing in the technology of today. We can now produce powder juice drinks with reduced water, energy, packaging and transportation costs.

Preventing pollution at a molecular level

Sustainability happens in many significant ways at Givaudan, and that also includes at a molecular level. Green Chemistry is helping us to conserve resources in our operations and reduce environmental impacts.

A leading voice in collaborating on ethical advances

As a member of the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA), Givaudan is contributing to and learning from advancements in this area.

Peppered with possibilities

Givaudan’s ability to delight consumers with innovation often applies the principles of Green Chemistry. A good example is our solution to replicate the aroma of the jalapeño and green bell peppers.

Healthier choices, rich in possibilities

TasteSolutions® Richness is helping customers to recreate the taste of homemade cooking, in healthier processed dishes.