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Healthier choices, rich in possibilities

Health and wellness remains a key pillar of Givaudan’s corporate strategy, and lies at the heart of our sustainability efforts. 2014 saw Givaudan launch its latest addition to the TasteSolutions® portfolio, which has driven flavoursome, healthier eating options in the 21st Century. TasteSolutions® Richness goes some way to seeking out the ‘Holy Grail’ of flavour in readymade, processed foods, namely the recreation of rich, authentic ‘homemade’ taste sensations.

AIM-PROGRESS: collaboration, compliance, and continuous improvement

AIM-PROGRESS is a global framework for multinationals, mainly fast moving consumer goods companies, which have joined forces in the name of responsible sourcing. For many of these large-scale consumer goods producers, raw materials form the backbone of their business, and these natural resources must be sourced, grown and harvested in a responsible manner along their supply chains.

An engaging approach in Mexico City

Engaging with our customers on sustainability issues brings additional resources to great causes.

No limits to sustainability

Partnering with our customers is mutually beneficial to achieving products with less environmental impact.

ECVAM and OECD adopt Givaudan’s KeratinoSens® assay

For decades, the issue of animal testing on cosmetic products has proven an ethical dilemma for companies and consumers alike: whilst effective testing can ensure safety for products intended for human use, the practice of using sentient creatures for commercial gain has proved divisive and controversial.

Causing a stir with our coffee replacement solutions

Givaudan finds ingredients for our customers that provide the same experience for their consumers, while reducing the impact on our environment. To help relieve some of the pressure on our coffee resources we have developed a solid coffee replacement alternative.

Ethanol gets hung out to dry in Brazil

Reducing the use of expensive and risky materials such as ethanol at Givaudan’s Jaguaré site, in São Paulo, Brazil is just one example of how we are greening operations.

Saying no to landfill in India

Givaudan has reduced recycled waste by 85 tonnes, eliminating the need for landfill and incineration at its facility in Jigani, Bangalore, India.

Energy savings come out of the mist

By using mist instead of high-pressure water systems in our Naarden facility in the Netherlands, we were able to reduce carbon emissions and cut energy costs.

Sustainability? Renewable? Biodegradable? Answering customer concerns

Consumers want to know the provenance of their products and our customers want to identify the environmental and social impacts of the products we supply.

Speaking for suppliers

In March 2014, Givaudan co-sponsored an AIM-PROGRESS event on responsible sourcing in conjunction with two of the world’s leading fast moving consumer goods companies, Nestlé and Bacardi. As a member of AIM-PROGRESS we were able to collaboratively host this event, using our voice to share the challenges and achievements of suppliers in their responsible sourcing journey.

Sedex – promoting a platform for responsible suppliers

Within its responsible sourcing commitment, Givaudan strives to ask all its strategic suppliers – whether for synthetics or natural ingredients – to adhere to standards set out by the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, Sedex. Sedex is a data sharing platform and its standards ensure that suppliers address four key responsible sourcing pillars, namely Labour Standards, Business Integrity, Environment and Health & Safety. Sedex members can go on to carry out an audit – the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit, SMETA, as final validation of their commitment.

Creating an exceptional end-to-end supply chain with raw material sourcing risk management

Whilst we look to source in a sustainable way, risk factors must always be considered. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, which is why the comprehensive Raw Material Risk Management system is an excellent tool for Givaudan.

Enhancing our traceability capability

To bring consumers quality sensory experiences we provide products that require specific ingredients from all around the world. The journey of these ingredients is important to us, and with programmes and initiatives in place, we create traceability.

How sustainable sourcing brings benefits to brands

Increasingly, consumers want reassurance that the ingredients in the products they delight in are responsibly sourced, with limited impacts to the environment and real benefits to the people that grow them.