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Immerse yourself in the magical world of perfume creation

Givaudan will be making a splash at Somerset House in London this summer as part of an extraordinary new exhibition: ‘Perfume: A sensory journey through contemporary scent’.

Coming full circle

How a circular economy model in northeast France is sustainably transforming the way we produce active cosmetic ingredients.

Early testing for a superior innovation pipeline

Innovations that enable the early testing of molecules have a wide range of benefits for customers, consumers and the environment.

The protein revolution

After water, protein is the most important macro-nutrient on earth for human existence and health. Givaudan is now applying its holistic expertise, and partnering with external experts in this field, to create delicious high protein products that may just change the future food landscape.

Givaudan partners with ‘world-changing’ olfactory innovation

Givaudan’s Paris-based innovation team helped this young entrepreneur develop a delicious palette of morning aromas for his revolutionary ‘olfactory alarm clock’.

Responsible sourcing: A progress report

Making progress with our partners in responsible sourcing.

‘P’ is for partnerships – and people

Giving migrant children in Thailand an appreciation of clean teeth and hands is just one way Givaudan employees around the world are reaching out to their communities.

Perceptions of ‘natural’

‘Natural’ means different things to different people. Givaudan’s Consumer Sensory Insights team set out to learn what it means in flavours – and for sustainability.

Cultivating a sense of leadership

Partnering with employees to grow the leaders of tomorrow.

Partnering for sustainable success

Together, we are stronger: some of the ways we work together with our employees, suppliers and customers towards shared success.

Making Latin America a healthier place to eat, drink and live

A recent symposium held in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico is the third of its kind, helping our customers to align with government policies in the region to bring about healthier lifestyles.

Once-in-a decade Super Bloom

Wild and wonderful floral phenomenon inspires epic field trip into the California desert.

Celebrating 70 years: Givaudan’s Perfumery School has the formula for remaining inspired and inventive

Image Almost every morning for seventy years, a handful of students in a school outside Paris have started the day with a rigorous assessment. The eight dedicated students at Givaudan’s Perfumery School all attempt the Jean Carles test each day: to sniff a whiff of a single ingredient and  train

Eco-efficiency: On target for 2020

How does Givaudan operate to achieve its eco-efficiency objectives? Around the world, our operational experts are putting their heads together.

Coming full circle

How a circular economy model in northeast France is sustainably transforming the way we produce active cosmetic ingredients.