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Delight: Translating the pleasure of flavours into fragrances
Using the combined knowledge of our expert flavourists and perfumers, we have explored the factors that make flavours so deliciously satisfying, and harnessed these to make our fragrances more intense and irresistible than ever before.
Responsible sourcing: A progress report
Making progress with our partners in responsible sourcing.
Perceptions of ‘natural’
‘Natural’ means different things to different people. Givaudan’s Consumer Sensory Insights team set out to learn what it means in flavours – and for sustainability.
Cultivating a sense of leadership
Partnering with employees to grow the leaders of tomorrow.
Making Latin America a healthier place to eat, drink and live
A recent symposium held in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico is the third of its kind, helping our customers to align with government policies in the region to bring about healthier lifestyles.
Celebrating 70 years: Givaudan’s Perfumery School has the formula for remaining inspired and inventive
Eco-efficiency: On target for 2020
How does Givaudan operate to achieve its eco-efficiency objectives? Around the world, our operational experts are putting their heads together.
Coming full circle
How a circular economy model in northeast France is sustainably transforming the way we produce active cosmetic ingredients.
Full steam ahead
Reducing our carbon footprint in Mexico: Givaudan’s Pedro Escobedo site has significantly cut carbon emissions by switching from fuel oil to natural gas, and is set to generate its own electricity and steam with cogeneration.
Going green in India
Givaudan’s Green Teams bring passion and enthusiasm to achieve our eco-efficiency targets all over the world, and India is a recent example.
Making every drop count
How to produce the same high-quality ingredients for flavours and fragrances while using less water? A look at some of the innovative ways our sites are making every drop count.
The protein revolution
After water, protein is the most important macro-nutrient on earth for human existence and health. Givaudan is now applying its holistic expertise, and partnering with external experts in this field, to create delicious high protein products that may just change the future food landscape.
Tougher regulations: obligation or opportunity?
An ever-changing regulatory landscape is driving manufacturers to use more environmentally friendly ingredients, by way of changing materials or formulations. The challenge is how to react quickly to these new legislations and how to design replacements – whilst maintaining business as usual for customers.
Early testing for a superior innovation pipeline
Thanks to innovative research, Givaudan has developed early stage testing methods that bring high quality molecules faster to market, reduce reliance on animal testing, and lessen impacts to the environment.
Green chemistry in action
In recent years, the principles of green chemistry, and in particular the emerging field of bioscience research, have been actively applied as a key approach to sustainable innovation at Givaudan.
Making a positive difference by renewed eco-efficiency commitments
We have been tackling our eco-efficiency targets to limit the impact of our activities on the environment for some time, and now we are setting more ambitious goals for 2020.
Staying beautiful longer: Building our ACI business
Our cutting-edge range of active cosmetic ingredients is the beauty of science, inspiring well-being.
A love affair with citrus: An inspiring consumer trend
Consumers love citrus. From oranges and lemons to grapefruit and limes, citrus is used every day in juices, fizzy drinks, tea and cooking. It is truly a global flavour favourite.
Mapping the regulatory landscape for sourcing
Due to the ever-increasing need for sustainable products, Givaudan is faced with challenges that come with a constantly shifting global regulatory landscape.
Madagascar, partnering for sustainable clove leaf oil
Think Madagascar, think a lush tropical island famous for its vibrant and exotic wildlife and flora.
Transforming traditions for the future
In Andalusia, Spain, traditional methods of processing the fragrant Cistus Labdanum gum were out-dated and not optimised for local workers or the environment. Something had to be done. Read our progress report.
Fly with us over the fragrant fields of France
Inspired use of stunning new technology now allows us to take you closer than ever before to the source of our passion – our plants.
Sedex – promoting a platform for responsible suppliers
Within its responsible sourcing commitment, Givaudan strives to ask all its strategic suppliers – whether for synthetics or natural ingredients – to adhere to standards set out by the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, Sedex. Sedex is a data sharing platform and its standards ensure that suppliers address four key responsible sourcing pillars, namely Labour Standards, Business Integrity, Environment and Health & Safety. Sedex members can go on to carry out an audit – the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit, SMETA, as final validation of their commitment.
On the road to Paris
In December 2015, 196 countries met in Paris for the latest United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21). Givaudan is proud to be one of over 180 companies committed to this ‘Road to Paris’ initiative.
Driving sustainability to new heights
The logistics of moving products from A to Z is a complex matter, as you would expect, for an international company such as Givaudan.
It’s a matter of fluidity
We all take water for granted: from our morning shower to the refreshing litres we drink every day. Water goes well beyond meeting our personal needs though: it is essential to the smooth running of cities, towns and businesses.
Workshopping a new mindset
Change the way you look at things, and everything can be seen differently. Givaudan's Energy Workshops are now making staff see energy usage in a new light.
Healthier choices, rich in possibilities
TasteSolutions® Richness is helping customers to recreate the taste of homemade cooking, in healthier processed dishes.
Cultivating a flourishing future for patchouli
Givaudan has set-up two new patchouli sourcing models, to monitor and collect this essential raw material at source.
Palm oil: is a sustainable solution on the horizon for palm?
Sourcing palm oil responsibly is an issue that is of the utmost importance to Givaudan, and 2014 saw positive developments on several fronts.
Speaking for suppliers
Givaudan invited to present at key events hosted by AIM-PROGRESS and Unilever.
Can a face cream save the planet?
From face creams to new fuels, the fascinating world of natural bioscience holds exciting potential for the future.
Doing more to impact less
2014 saw another strong set of results against our 2020 eco-efficiency targets.