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Governance structure

Board of Directors and Executive Committee

Givaudan’s Board of Directors is responsible for the ultimate direction, strategic supervision and control of Givaudan and its management. Each of the seven Board members has an in-depth knowledge of his or her relevant areas of expertise and contributes to the Board’s competencies at the level of the full Board and in the Board’s four committees: Audit, Compensation, Nomination and Governance, and Innovation. The Board’s knowledge and diversity of experience are important assets in leading a company of Givaudan’s size in a complex and fast-changing environment.

The seven-member Executive Committee (EC), led by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is responsible for all areas of operational management that have been delegated to it by the Board. The CEO is appointed by the Board and has the task of achieving the strategic objectives of the Company and determining operational priorities. The CEO also leads, supervises and coordinates the EC.


Governance of sustainability issues

The Head of Global Procurement and Sustainability, a member of the EC, heads the Company’s sustainability approach. He is supported by a dedicated Sustainability Leadership Team (SLT) led by the Global Head of Sustainability. This team is made up of internal specialists in corporate responsibility and sustainability as well as dedicated business partners to implement the approach.

The SLT is the strategic and operational body that supports the organisation in the implementation of the approach to meet Givaudan’s sustainability goals. The team meets every six weeks and on an ad-hoc basis for specific purposes.

The Executive Committee usually meets monthly to discuss general Company business and strategy and sustainability is a recurrent point on the agenda. The meetings, which take place at various sites, provide the EC an opportunity to interact with local management and to visit Givaudan locations across the globe. Each major region is visited at least once a year to ensure a close interaction with all the different business areas.

The Head of Global Procurement and Sustainability reports annually to the Board of Directors on sustainability matters.




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