GRI 102 General disclosures

Ethics and integrity

UNGC Principles
10Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery
SDG Goal
Gender Equality
GRI 102-16

Values, principles, standards, and norms of behaviour

Givaudan has built its good reputation and name over a long and rich history. To preserve it, we are committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards in our interactions with all stakeholders – customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, competitors, government agencies, NGOs and the communities in which we operate. Being open, transparent and honest in our dealings with these stakeholders allows us to grow responsibly and share our success.

The basis for Givaudan’s ethical standards is laid out in the Company’s Principles of Conduct, last reviewed and updated in 2018. The Principles of Conduct consist of three pillars: Legal & ethical business dealings, Responsible corporate citizenship and Protecting Givaudan’s assets. The Principles also include a section on ‘How we live the Principles’, which reiterates each employee’s responsibility for ethics and integrity and explains the channels for reporting any violation of the Principles (“helpline”). We expect every employee to take personal accountability for upholding our Principles in daily actions within their own sphere of influence and with business partners and stakeholders.

The Principles of Conduct are mirrored by Givaudan’s Responsible Sourcing Policy, a code of conduct for our suppliers to ensure that our partners abide by the same high standards.

In terms of organisation and process, the Corporate Ethics & Compliance Officer oversees the administration of the Ethics & Compliance Programme and coordinates with dedicated functions for effective compliance management. The Data Protection Officer, reporting to the Corporate Ethics & Compliance Officer, oversees the implementation of the Group Data Protection programme.


 2019 Integrated Annual Report, High ethical commitments, pages 66-67