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GRI 404: Training and education

UNGC Principles
6The elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation
SDG Goal
Gender Equality
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Partners for Goals
GRI 103-1

Explanation of the material topic and its boundary

Givaudan addresses training and education through its material topic Talent management. Effectively recruiting, developing, engaging, deploying and retaining a balanced workforce that meets future imperatives is essential to our business. We focus on employee development to improve skills and productivity, constantly adapt skills to requirements and offer the best opportunities to our people. This helps improve staff retention, reduce costs and increase our revenue.

We provide an engaging and inspiring environment for employees to realise their career aspirations. This involves proactive talent development, offer targeted technical and functional support and work to strengthen leadership capabilities. We also underpin the growth of a strong workforce by nurturing a pipeline of industry experts and future leaders to develop skills for sustained success.

GRI 103-2, 103-3

Management approach

Talent development involves developing leadership capabilities and ensuring we have the people who can deliver on the needs of tomorrow. It also enables us to retain and motivate qualified people.

Our internal programmes focus on proactive talent development and nurturing a well-balanced workforce. All programmes offer challenging and inspiring learning environments where employees are encouraged to explore and experience new ways of thinking and working. This often involves a blend of digital tools, self-reflection, coaching, classroom sessions and virtual teamwork, providing a safe environment to apply and test what employees learn. There is a strong focus on applying what has been learned back into the work environment.

Our drive to develop and engage our talented professionals is further reflected in projects such as our regional ONE Givaudan onboarding initiative, a programme that allows new employees to acquire fundamental knowledge about our Company and its rich heritage, our business and our DNA. We also have a set of customised management training programmes called Leadership Senses, a yearly performance cycle that includes talent reviews and career discussions, all embedded in a culture of continuous learning, curiosity and feedback.


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GRI 404-3

Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews ¹


The discrepancy between ratios for male and female employees is due to the fact that more men are under collective agreements.

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