Plant-based meat and dairy flavours

Protein plays a key role in human well-being. Today, most protein comes from animal sources which poses several issues including those related to health (over consumption of red meat), environment (green gas emissions), cost, disease and sustainability.

There are concerted efforts to find vegetable or plant-based proteins to at least partially replace animal proteins, and Givaudan is deeply involved in developing technologies to help meet the challenges of alternatives to meat and dairy flavours. Much of this effort is focused on overcoming issues such as the fact that many of these vegetable or plant proteins do not taste good, have unpleasant aromas and have no mouthfeel. Our flavour technologies are plant-base derived, 100% vegetarian, and natural. We have commercialised some of these technologies and are working on the next generation of plant-based proteins to meet consumer-acceptable and preferred solutions for plant-based protein replacement products.