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An odyssey of flavours and fragrances

  • Watch the video
    A visual introduction to the journey of ‘An Odyssey of Flavours and Fragrances’
  • An exclusive anthology
    Presenting ‘An Odyssey of Flavours and Fragrances’ – a landmark in publishing
  • Pioneers of the fragrant world
    The history of flavours and fragrances is the history of mankind itself
  • Musings of great minds
    Many eminent philosophers have pondered the power of taste and smell
  • All about chemistry
    The science behind our most ephemeral senses
  • Photographing flavour and fragrance
    Givaudan’s exclusive anthology has some sublime imagery

The exclusive Givaudan anthology, ‘An Odyssey of Flavours and Fragrances’, brings to life the rich history of Givaudan. Through evocative writing and fascinating imagery, it shows how Givaudan has helped to shape the flavours and fragrances industry, as we know it today.

An ‘Odyssey of Flavours and Fragrances’ examines the many ways our senses of smell and taste enrich our lives, from the perspectives of history, science, philosophy, literature and photography. Including some exclusive images from Givaudan’s own archive.