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5 Feb 2018

Givaudan revamps its FlavourVision® consumer trend programme to mark 10th anniversary

Givaudan, the global leader in flavours and fragrances, today announced new developments enhancing its industry-leading trends programme, FlavourVision®, coinciding with its 10th anniversary.
8 Jan 2018

Givaudan Active Beauty reveals new benefits for Megassane®, as a skin tone highlighter through proteasome activation

Givaudan Active Beauty's marine biotechnology R&D experts have discovered new benefits of Megassane® to act as a natural skin highlighter and embellish skin complexion.
21 Nov 2017

Givaudan Active Beauty receives first vegan approval for range of self-tanning products

Givaudan Active Beauty is delighted to announce its DHA range of products was fully approved as vegan, meaning products are GMO free, not tested on animals, and do not contain any animal products or derivatives.
2 Nov 2017

Givaudan Active Beauty wins an additional Gold award for Revivyl™ for the Best Innovation Ingredient Award at in-cosmetics Asia

Givaudan Active Beauty continues to impress the industry experts with its latest innovative active ingredient Revivyl™, the very first holistic skin renewal accelerator while winning a new Gold Award for the Best Innovation Ingredient Award in Bangkok.
30 Oct 2017

Givaudan Active Beauty to launch BisaboLife™, the sustainable biotech (-)-α-bisabolol at in-cosmetics Asia 2017

Drawing from natural resources to bring beauty to the world, Givaudan Active Beauty presents today its latest sustainable molecule called BisaboLife™, produced by an exclusive fermentation process.
5 Apr 2017

Givaudan Active Beauty unveils its first fragrance concept [Yu] to express and protect your uniqueness

Givaudan Active Beauty presents a world premiere concept called [Yu] (patent-pending), an innovative fine fragrance featuring our latest active ingredient Revivyl™ , a holistic skin renewal accelerator, enabling to express and protect your uniqueness.
29 Mar 2017

Givaudan Active Beauty’s latest innovation, Revivyl™, is short-listed for the Best Innovation Ingredient Award at in-cosmetics London 2017

Givaudan Active Beauty is delighted to be selected as a finalist for the Best Innovation Ingredient Award at in-cosmetics London for its latest innovative active Revivyl™, the holistic skin renewal accelerator.
21 Mar 2017

Givaudan Active Beauty invites you to live an Hair Odyssey with its new entertaining concept: Immersive Beauty Experience

Givaudan Active Beauty is releasing its new “Immersive Beauty Experience” application combining virtual reality and motion sensing technologies.
21 Mar 2017

Givaudan Active Beauty to launch a new ‘explosive’ colour collection of Unispheres®

Since 25 years, Givaudan Active Beauty’s experts have been improving their unique visual cues Unispheres® and Unishapes technologies, always offering new application possibilities. These 3D shapes and beads, specifically made for the personal care industry, are optimised to entrap active ingredients or oils, while enhancing the visual appeal of cosmetic products on the shelves.
13 Mar 2017

Givaudan Active Beauty impressed the jury of Beauty Industry Awards with its latest innovations PrimalHyal™ Gold and Brightenyl™

Givaudan Active Beauty is very pleased to announce that Brightenyl™ for Best Skin Care Ingredient and PrimalHyal™ Gold for Best Color Cosmetics Ingredient have been selected as a global finalists for the Asia Pacific and European region respectively.
4 Mar 2017

Givaudan Active Beauty enhances the beauty of your hair with its ‘Under Control Spray’

Givaudan Active Beauty is delighted to present its Under Control Spray to beautify, protect and moisturise every strand of hair, while maintaining its natural volume from the roots to the tips.
4 Mar 2017

Givaudan Active Beauty beautifies your skin with its new sensory concept S3D® Millésime

Givaudan Active Beauty has blended this consumers’ need with some inspiration from the luxury codes of Champagne to create its new marketing concept: S3D® Millésime.
9 Jan 2017

Givaudan Active Beauty launches ResistHyal™ at in-cosmetics London, the ultimate 7-in-1 hair beauty enhancer

Givaudan Active Beauty is launching now a new patented bio-active ingredient acting on keratin infrastructure called ResistHyal™ that will revolutionise the hair care market.
9 Jan 2017

Active Beauty launches PrimalHyal™ Gold, the first oil base compatible hydrated hyaluronic acid

Givaudan Active Beauty extends its hyaluronic acid range with the launching of a new active cosmetic ingredient called PrimalHyal™ Gold.