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Scent of the Vanishing Flora
Roman Kaiser, Givaudan’s world-renowned scientist, publishes his new book

01 Dec 2014 - 09:40 CET

Givaudan announces the publication of Roman Kaiser's third book 'Scent of the Vanishing Flora'. His latest book takes the reader on a journey through many biodiversity hotspots, all of them home to endangered plant species. It has been endorsed by the Convention on Biological Diversity, linked to the United Nations Environment Programme, which was created to join forces in tackling the loss of biodiversity. The book is published by Helvetica Chimica Acta Publishers, Zurich.

Roman Kaiser has worked for over ten years collecting and investigating the scent of around 500 endangered plant species worldwide, of which 267 are described in 'Scent of the Vanishing Flora'. The book starts with an introductory section sharing some research and concerns about the loss of biodiversity and extinction of key species around the world. Dr. Kaiser continues by presenting scented species of the Vanishing Flora encountered during his fascinating expeditions to such exotic places as the Hawaiian Islands, the Cape Floral Kingdom, the rainforests around the tropical belt and the European Alps. The book concludes with a description of the iconic family of the Vanishing Flora, Orchidaceae, and summarises the analytical compositions of the presented scents.

About Roman Kaiser
Roman Kaiser started his career at Givaudan in 1968. Since then, he has devoted his working life to seeking out, investigating and reconstituting new natural scents from around the globe; many of them being used today in the creation of some of the world's best-known perfumes. Since 1975, he has primarily worked on the investigation and reconstitution of all types of natural scents using the so-called 'headspace' technique, which he pioneered in the early 70s. This method, adapted by Givaudan for its specific use in the field, allows scent samples to be collected in a way that is not detrimental to the plant or to the quality of the scent. It was used in Roman Kaiser's numerous expeditions, part of Givaudan's highly acclaimed ScentTrek™ programme.

The results of his studies have been documented in around 80 scientific papers and in two previous books:

  • 'The Scent of Orchids' - Olfactory and Chemical Investigations, in 1993 and
  • 'Meaningful Scents around the World' - Olfactory, Chemical, Biological and Cultural Considerations in 2006.

Givaudan and sustainability
The life-long work of the author is in keeping with Givaudan's commitment to preserving the environment. Givaudan is the world's largest buyer in the flavour and fragrance industry, and recognises the need for ethical and commercial responsibility in the supply chains in which the company operates. Through the Innovative Naturals and ByNature programmes, Givaudan aims to have the best palette of natural ingredients for its perfumers and flavourists to create new fragrances and flavours.

These initiatives have reinforced Givaudan's efforts to drive sustainable business principles and fair trade practices in the industry. The company has been able, through close partnerships and alliances with expert organisations, to protect fragile supply chains, ensure that materials will be available in the future, and support local communities with their production and education infrastructures.

Throughout the year, Givaudan has undertaken many other sustainability initiatives. The company became a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and supported the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity.

About Givaudan
As the leading company in the fragrance and flavours industry, Givaudan develops unique and innovative creations for its customers around the world. The company has an estimated 25% market share of the industry, and this leadership position is underpinned by a sales and marketing presence in all major markets. The offering in fragrances ranges from perfumes to household care products, and in flavours the company's expertise spans beverages, savoury, snacks, sweet goods and dairy products.

Additional information
Over the course of December, Givaudan will hold launch events in Paris, Zurich and New York at which Roman Kaiser will present his research. To order 'Scent of the Vanishing Flora' visit:

For further information and launch event details please contact:
Peter Wullschleger, Media and Investor Relations
T +41 22 780 9093