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Givaudan’s Miriad® 2.0 wins FiFi® Technological Breakthrough of the year 2010 for fragrance creation and formulation

01 Dec 2014 - 09:38 CET

The Fragrance Foundation, New York announced Givaudan’s Miriad® 2.0 as the winner of this year’s FiFi® Technological Breakthrough of the Year for Fragrance Creation & Formulation.

The Fragrance Foundation 'FiFi' awards are the 'Oscars' of the fragrance world, honouring the fragrance industry's creative achievements each year. The FiFi® Technological Breakthrough of the Years award for Fragrance Creation and Formulation recognises innovation that helps to move the industry forward and is an acknowledgement of Givaudan's ability to bring the consumer voice to every phase of fragrance creation.

Miriad® 2.0 supports fragrance creation for all product categories: Fine Fragrances, Personal, Fabric and Home Care, bridging the communication gap between consumer and perfumer to facilitate brand success through a portfolio of tools that utilise the latest technology. Built on a web based platform to support fragrance creation anywhere in the world, Miriad® 2.0 is an interactive portal into Givaudan’s portfolio of consumer understanding tools.

Launched in 2009, Miriad® 2.0 uses Motion Analytics, to enable dynamic illustration of market history, current trends and olfactive preferences. It brings a new level of consumer understanding into the creation of fragrance, to meet the new challenges of today's market.

Olfactive insights come through a variety of tools including BlogTrek; an on-line tool that tracks the buzz and sentiments that are exchanged between early adopters and passionate perfume users daily, and Anthropologist’s Nose which provides a deep dive into the usage, habits, motives and cultural factors of consumers in developing markets.

These new tools address both the increasing influence of the passionate web exchanges of techno-savvy consumers and the industry focus on new consumers in developing markets. Miriad® 2.0 is able to bring digests from internet chatter and fragrance-specific consumer insights to the finger-tips of creation teams and their clients worldwide. All facets of the creative process combine in Miriad® 2.0 to shape the artistry of Givaudan's approach to fragrance creation: testing of raw materials to scope new design frontiers, olfactive preferences, consumer associations with odour, market history, conceptual positioning of brands as well as proactive initiatives.

Michael Carlos, Head of Fragrances at Givaudan, said: “I am delighted to see Miriad® 2.0 honoured by the Fragrance Foundation. It gives me great satisfaction to see the work of many people at Givaudan acknowledged in this way. Consumer understanding is fundamental to successful fragrance design; it nourishes and enriches the creative process and ultimately, the potential of our clients' brands.”

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