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Co-creation and innovation key to driving change

Today more than ever, co-creation, innovation and collaboration are critical to bringing to market solutions that address our global food challenges.

At Givaudan, we see five big drivers of transformation in the food industry today, some of which are even more accelerated because of the coronacrisis:

Diverse, sometimes conflicting consumer needs with food that needs to be healthy and nutritious, affordable and safe, sustainable and personalised, among other demands.

Changing demographics

Big numbers at play with changing demographics due to population growth, continued urbanisation and other factors that are changing demand and consumption behaviours.

Sustainability challenges

Sustainability challenges that require the industry to develop solutions beyond global warming and CO2. Availability of water and arable land, food security and decreasing biodiversity are also important topics.


The transformational power of technology, including digitalisation, block chain, and Industry 4.0. These offer huge opportunities but also require vast investments and change management in manufacturing, supply chains and work force profiles.

Economic framework

A changing retail and economic framework with the ever rising importance of online channels, new trade barriers, and increased fragmentation demanding new answers from the industry.

There has never been a more important time to listen to the consumer, and come together as an industry and as innovators to shape the future of food and drive much-needed transformation in the food system.

Listen to Henning Hartnacke's thought leadership speech at Buhler Virtual World in May 2020