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Important notice for visitors of the Givaudan.com website located outside Switzerland, France and United States

The following pages of this website include documents and other information pertaining to the cash tender offer by Givaudan for the shares of Naturex (the “Offer”). The Offer is being made solely by means of the Offer document, which contains the full terms and conditions of the Offer, including details of how the Offer may be accepted. Naturex shareholders are advised to read the Offer document and the related documents as they contain important information.

The Offer is not being made, and the Naturex shares will not be accepted for purchase from or on behalf of persons, in any jurisdiction in which the making or acceptance thereof would not be in compliance with the securities or other laws or regulations of such jurisdiction or would require any approval or filing by Givaudan with any regulatory authority, stock exchange or other body (the “Restricted Jurisdictions”).  Neither France nor the United States is a Restricted Jurisdiction. 

Neither the Offer documents nor any related documents may be forwarded to Restricted Jurisdictions.  Persons accessing the following pages of this website are required to observe all applicable restrictions, and obtain any necessary authorisations, approvals or consents, relevant to the Offer.  Neither Givaudan nor any of its advisors accepts any liability for any violation by any person of any such restriction.  Any person accessing the following pages of this website should inform themselves of the laws of the jurisdiction in which they are resident or otherwise located, and any custodians, nominees and trustees who access this site and intend to forward the Offer Document or any related document to any jurisdiction outside Switzerland, France and the United States should inform themselves of the laws of the jurisdiction to which the Offer Document or any related documents are to be forwarded. 

I confirm that I have read and understood the foregoing and am not resident in or otherwise located in a Restricted Jurisdiction or forwarding any documents relating to the Offer to a Restricted Jurisdiction.


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