A love affair with citrus: An inspiring consumer trend

Consumers love citrus. From oranges and lemons to grapefruit and limes, citrus is used every day in juices, fizzy drinks, tea and cooking. It is truly a global flavour favourite.

India lime

Givaudan has a longstanding love affair with citrus, one that provides inspiration for us and for our customers, who are always looking for new ways of presenting innovative citrus flavours to consumers.

While it is a favourite around the world, local tastes call for customised solutions. It is over many years of building expertise in citrus that we have developed a set of capabilities that allows us to understand both local consumer desires and our customers’ products and flavour needs.

Thanks to Givaudan, consumers can also enjoy exotic citrus flavours such as the Millsweet Limetta and Seedless Kishu.

Givaudan’s TasteTrek® Citrus brings citrus alive. This inspirational programme allows our flavourists in the field to capture the most exciting flavours at the source. They also gain an understanding of local citrus crops and explore how they can help us develop local, customised solutions. Over the past ten years, we have conducted TasteTrek® Citrus programmes in Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Italy and the USA.

Our work in the USA further highlights our commitment. In 2006, we set out on a TasteTrek® at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) in its Citrus Variety Collection to explore, taste, analyse and develop new citrus flavours. Through a close collaboration with UCR we have discovered many unique fruits in these old groves, established in 1910, and in turn have developed new amazing flavours. From these Treks we have greatly expanded our knowledge of citrus and have also been rewarded with boundless inspiration – a great benefit to us and our customers. In 2015, we completed a donation of USD 1 million for the endowment of a chair position to support and maintain the Citrus Variety Collection in perpetuity, and in 2016 we will mark our tenth anniversary of this fruitful collaboration.

Here’s to the next ten years of our love affair with citrus.