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Madagascar, partnership for sourcing and transforming clove leaf oil

Having the vision and capabilities to collect and transform clove leaf oil at origin is fundamental in ensuring the long term availability of this key natural ingredient.

Clove leaf transport

Working with local communities and well-established local business partners is essential in securing the supply of rare and precious natural ingredients needed for our creations.

In Madagascar, we have forged long-term relationships with farmers and distillers and set up a clove leaf oil collection network. This partnership ensures a regular income for communities from which we source and contribute to safeguarding the efficient use of resources for the long term. We also have programmes in place to support the producers.

In addition, we have a joint venture called NATEMA to transform clove leaf oil into derivatives directly in Madagascar.

Why Madagascar, and why clove leaf oil?

Madagascar is particularly attractive because of its impressive diversity of ingredients for the flavour and fragrance industry, and one of them is clove leaf oil. Essential for many of our creations, this natural ingredient will be sourced through our existing collection network in Madagascar and processed into clove extracts in our factory.

What is a collection network?

This is a combination of resources including people, infrastructure and expertise needed for the sourcing of ingredients in a country of origin. Our teams travel around the country, buying directly from farmers, distillers, village associations and collectors. This provides communities with a regular purchase of their product.

What are the benefits of the joint venture and who is involved?

The NATEMA joint venture enables us to establish a footprint for clove leaf oil extraction supplied through our collection network. A factory is being built for this extraction, and the operation of the plant will be managed by the joint venture.

Our joint venture partner is Henri Fraise Fils, a well-established company in Madagascar with a solid reputation and which is active in supporting value creation in the country. We are pleased to be working with a company that has a similar mindset, strategy and vision.

What is the value added for Givaudan?

The Madagascar collection network, complemented by the NATEMA joint venture, contributes to ensuring a constant supply in quality and quantity, as well as a control on the end-to-end value chain. This is achieved by closely following the market, developing stronger ties and deeper trust with local producers and value creation directly in the country of origin.

How are the local communities and their environment safeguarded?

The clove leaf oil we purchase through our collection network ensures a regular purchase of the local producers’ product.  In addition, for several years we have supported a natural resources preservation programme, working with village associations to plant fast-growing trees in the clove leaf distillation areas.