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Differentiating innovation: Inspiring full taste experience

Underlying all of our innovative efforts is the constant objective of helping our customers make great tasting, differentiated products. This means staying many steps ahead of trends and market drivers then using that knowledge to direct innovative solutions. In 2015, we brought to market two such innovations as illustrated below.

Beef stew

Tasting the full 3D experience

In many parts of the world consumers today have a love for anything and everything that is fast paced, high intensity, unusual and extreme. Long gone are the days of plain and simple – remember telephone booths and black and white television sets? The same consumers want no different when it comes to their flavours; the old black and white version won’t do, nor will even the standard colour set in many cases. In 2015, Givaudan moved beef and chicken flavours to the world of High Definition.



    Can you imagine a flavour experience heightened to 3D plasma screen viewing in full colour and high definition, with taste to match? Or a sensorial experience that lifts beef and chicken flavours with all the deliciousness of home or restaurant quality food? That’s exactly what we’ve done with our new High Definition flavours, a genuine breakthrough in beef and chicken.

    After almost five years of research by a cross-functional team of experts, these new flavours really do break the mould by offering an enhanced eating experience. With a high degree of culinary accuracy, they faithfully replicate the taste of different cuts and cooking techniques.

    Our High Definition flavours are made with an extensive palette of new, proprietary ingredients and are flexible so allowing our flavourists to easily customise. In addition, these tailor-made High Definition flavours mean locally authentic profiles can be built with faster turnaround time for our customers.

    Launched fully in 2015 with a dedicated manufacturing unit, our High Definition flavours help customers to clearly differentiate their brands with distinction and close the gap between the quality of industrially prepared food and food prepared at home or in restaurants.

    Inspiring ‘real world’ tastes

    Fermented condiments are not the obvious choice for inspirational sensorial experiences, but that’s exactly what our flavourists turned to in creating three new flavour ingredients introduced and used in successful applications by customers in 2015.

    The strongly smelling fermented condiments, a target of a recent Taste Trek, are commonly used throughout China where they are appreciated for their taste and mouthfeel. Our research into the elements responsible for the characteristics of these condiments led to the development of an exciting new class of taste modifiers. They form a new palette of ingredients for authenticity, flavour modification and a wide range of product applications.

    The successful development and commercialisation of these taste modulating ingredients is a further example of the differentiation we can offer through our TasteSolutions® programme. We have developed a range of technologies through this programme, helping us to address the taste challenges in Savoury, Snacks, Sweet and Beverages. Issues such as salt reduction, clean label enhancement, sugar and fat reduction are now global issues where customers are looking for healthy products that do not compromise on taste.

    Laith, Global Product Manager Savoury: “Its great to see these ingredients really making a difference across a range of different applications while retaining and enhancing taste.” 

    Our new taste modulators have quickly proved to be a valuable addition to our taste capabilities, especially for TasteSolutions® Richness, our flavour solutions that capture the authentic flavours of home-made cooking for use in prepared foods. The success of the project highlights the benefits of seeking inspiration outside the laboratory and in the ‘real world’, where traditional cooking and food preservation methods from different regions can be explored – including the roadside stands and markets of China.