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Building a stronger presence in the heart of Asia Pacific

Nurturing creativity within the Asia Pacific Fragrance team fosters customer understanding.

Our continued strong commitment to high growth regions is clearly demonstrated with a new home in Singapore to innovate, collaborate and create fragrances that delight Asian consumers. The fragrance creative centre and production hub, opened in 2015, is an industry benchmark for the region. It positions us to work in closer partnership with our customers, serving them with speed and insights.

Somnus, perfumery student
Somnus, perfumery student

The CHF 70 million facility is the largest global investment in the history of our Fragrance Division and is home to our first Perfumery School campus outside France, dedicated to training and developing future perfumers from Asia. The fully equipped school will build on the tradition of our Perfumery School in Paris, a legendary institute that can claim to have trained the perfumers responsible for more than one-third of fine fragrances on the market today.

The highly modern building is built around our internal culture of openness and is designed to nurture creativity and dynamic interactivity within the Asia Pacific Fragrance team. Here, diverse ideas may be only a staircase away, promoting a culture of teamwork and collaboration that will ultimately benefit our regional customers.

Jeremy, Regional Head of Fragrances for Asia Pacific: “The new building is truly fit-for-purpose, built around our internal culture of openness and designed to address very specific creative and commercial needs.”

The creative centre, with a multicultural team of more than 170 people, is a place where our people can flourish. The centre also offers specialised expertise ranging from consumer insights to fragrance evaluation facilities for creating the finest quality perfumes.

The production hub uses sophisticated technology and highly automated systems and processes with the ultimate goal of achieving even shorter lead times in production and delivery, and helping our customers go to market faster.

Our Singapore fragrance creative centre, production hub and Perfumery School pave the way for building an even stronger presence in Asia, and allows us to work in closer partnership with all our customers and create the talented perfumers of tomorrow.