Effective and transparent corporate governance system

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of seven Board members, headed by our Chairman Calvin Grieder, and is responsible for the ultimate direction, strategic supervision and control of the management of the Company. The Board members are elected each year at the Annual General meeting for a mandate of one year.

Board membership is composed in such a way as to ensure the diversity of knowledge and expertise required to lead Givaudan through today's complex and fast-changing environment. The Board has formed four Board committees* to support the preparation of discussions and decisions in certain areas in accordance with Swiss law.

Calvin Grieder

Swiss, born in the USA
Born 1955
Member since 2014
Chairman since 2017

Prof.Dr-Ing. Werner Bauer

German and Swiss
Born 1950
Member since 2014

Victor Balli

Born 1957
Member since 2016

Lilian Biner

Born 1962
Member since 2011


Michael Carlos

Born 1950
Member since 2015

Ingrid Deltenre

Dutch and Swiss
Born 1960
Member since 2015

Thomas Rufer

Born 1952
Member since 2009


Committees of the Board

Audit Committee

  • Assists the Board in its oversight responsibilities with respect to financial reporting
  • Ensures effectiveness and efficiency of internal control, risk management and compliance systems
  • Assesses and overviews the internal and external audit processes

Thomas Rufer (Chairman)

Lilian Biner

Victor Balli

Compensation Committee

  • Reviews and recommends the compensation policies to the Board
  • Approves the remuneration for the Executive Committee
  • Prepares the Compensation Report

Prof.Dr-Ing. Werner Bauer

Ingrid Deltenre

Victor Balli

Nomination and Governance Committee

  • Assists the Board in applying principles of good corporate governance
  • Prepares appointments to the Board and the Executive Committee

Calvin Grieder (Chairman)

Ingrid Deltenre

Michael Carlos

Innovation Committee

  • Assists and Board in scientific matters relating to the flavours, fragrances and cosmetics industry
  • Identifies opportunities, proposes and screens potential innovation partners

Michael Carlos (Chairman)

Calvin Grieder

Prof.Dr-Ing. Werner Bauer

* All committee members were part of their respective committee(s) for the entire year of 2019.


Board expertise

Given the Company’s business and its current strategy of ‘Responsible growth. Shared success.’, the most relevant and important required competencies include:

  • in-depth knowledge of the flavour and fragrance industry,
  • international senior business leadership,
  • strategy setting and implementation and risk management,
  • financial expertise,
  • innovation and technology (including digital),
  • sales and marketing and
  • regulatory affairs.

The Board’s knowledge and diversity of experience are important assets in leading a company of Givaudan’s size in a complex and fast-changing environment. 

Each of the seven Board members has an in-depth knowledge of his or her relevant areas of expertise. Together, they ensure that the Company has all the competencies required.

The Board regularly reviews the list of competencies, including with the help of external expert advisors, and uses existing and required competencies as a basis for its succession planning. In 2019, the Board has evaluated the long-term skill matrix and has started the search for additional Board members in order to guarantee a smooth transition upon retirement of current Board members over the next couple of years.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of seven members under the leadership of Gilles Andrier our Chief Executive Officer. Dedicated to the overall management of Givaudan, each Executive Committee member capitalises on an average of 20 years' experience in the Company to bring a wealth of industry knowledge.

Gilles Andrier
Chief Executive officer

Born 1961
Appointed in 2005

Louie D’Amico
President Flavour Division

Born 1961
Appointed in 2018

Maurizio Volpi
President Fragrance Division

Born 1969
Appointed in 2015

Tom Hallam
Chief Financial Officer

British and Swiss
Born 1966
Appointed in 2017

Simon Halle-Smith
Head of Global Human Resources & EHS

Born in 1966
Appointed in 2015

Willem Mutsaerts
Head of Global Procurement & Sustainability

Born in 1962
Appointed in 2015

Anne Tayac
Head of Givaudan Business Solutions

Born in 1968
Appointed in 2016