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Microbiomics: pioneering studies for skin health and well-being

Our aim is to delight customers and consumers with an ever-involving, state-of-the-art product offering. In one particular area of scientific research, Givaudan Active Beauty leads the way. 

Discovering the microbiome

Active Beauty experts have been studying the human microbiome and its links with health, beauty and well-being for over 15 years and continue to develop active cosmetic ingredients designed to activate, protect or balance the skin microbiota. 

We are the only fragrance company with in-house microbiome research capabilities and remain committed to making strategic investments that will push the boundaries of scientific innovation in this area.

In 2018, we underlined this commitment with new strategic investments at our Applied Microbiomics Centre of Excellence in Toulouse, France. Following the installation of state-of-the-art automation equipment at the centre, high throughput screenings are being accelerated to offer more disruptive solutions for customers.

Understanding how microbes can interact with fragrance molecules is fundamental in crafting formulas to design new active ingredients and drive the future of our industry.