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Creating new horizons for our business and customers

Innovating for tomorrow’s business

A strong innovation culture is central to a sustainable competitive advantage and to guarantee differentiated solutions for our customers.

In every innovation journey, from concept to market success, we continuously strive to strengthen our learning, challenge our thought processes and enrich the outcome. Being surrounded by a global strategic community, from corporate peers to academia, start-ups, and technology and solution providers, is a fundamental pillar of such a journey.


In this context, one partnership has been with MassChallenge. Headquartered in the US with locations in Boston, Israel, Mexico, Switzerland and Texas, MassChallenge accelerates high-potential start-ups anywhere in the world that can have an impact on either of our business divisions and across disciplines.


At our MassChallenge Partnering initiative in 2018, we developed an inspiring programme that included external speakers on disruptive innovation and testimonials from successful mature businesses that were once start-ups. The day was also dedicated to giving start-ups the opportunity to pitch ideas that were close to our business needs.


A further feature of the event was the participation of some of our Executive Committee members who together with a diverse group of employees from across disciplines continue shaping Givaudan’s entrepreneurial spirit.


In a similar atmosphere, but this time at FoodTech in Israel, and for the continuous strengthening of our community, one of our senior executives spoke to a large audience of entrepreneurs:


“Working with Givaudan is a way to ensure that great new ideas don’t just remain as ideas but have a real impact on the world. Partnering for shared success is a key part of our 2020 strategy. We live for innovation and are keen to work with the brightest and the best to create solutions for our customers that meet the changing desires of their consumers.”

We will continue our strong innovation journey with such a spirit, always aligned with our strategy and reaching beyond our ambition.