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Givaudan Business Solutions

Focusing on people for future growth

When we decided to create a platform for future growth in line with our strategic focus to ‘deliver with excellence’, we were ambitious with the size and scope of activities we decided to implement. Today we are proud that we are well on track with the implementation of GBS in all areas.

The organisation is being purpose-built to integrate a range of core business solutions to increase agility, reduce complexity of our internal processes and focus entirely on delivering a superior customer experience.

From the outset of our journey, the focus has been on the impact on people as well as the crucial collaboration with all functions and sites. In our three regional delivery centres, the teams receive onboarding to ensure they have a true sense of being part of Givaudan, its unique culture and DNA. Furthermore, we help them to see the importance of a customer- and solution-oriented focus. We want each and every employee to understand our business, why we are implementing GBS and the role they play in making Givaudan more agile and efficient. We are convinced that passionate, high-performing teams are the secret to successfully delivering innovative solutions to customers.

What’s next? Implementation continues towards 2020 in collaboration with our sites as we transfer more activities into the hands of our GBS colleagues in the centres. Our GBS solutions continue to evolve to leverage big data, mobile technology and robotics process automation (RPA) with the goal of simplifying our processes and improving user experience. GBS is set to continuously add value with a strong focus on people, both customers and employees, to ensure future growth.