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Delight in a collaborative project, creating value across business divisions

What happens when a flavourist and a perfumer are invited to work together in the creation of a fragrance? And what if the dimension of body language is added to help understand how consumers respond to new products?

Project Delight

This is the idea behind Project Delight, a collaboration that brought together the talents of our perfumers and flavourists to create a ground-breaking collection of accords.

They incorporated new technical and creative approaches to their creations that could enhance the reality and instinctive pleasure of their fragrance accords.

For the first time in the perfume industry, Givaudan partnered in exclusivity with an expert in body language whose research guided our perfumers to craft this collection of bases inspired by food.

    “Project Delight took a daring approach to fragrance development. Not only did we use the expertise of our flavourists, but we turned to non-verbal research to seek consumer opinions by observing body language and facial expressions. The research helped in finalising this exclusive new fragrance palette of accords which are also proven to trigger observable pleasure in consumers.”

    Arnaud Guggenbuhl, Givaudan’s Head of Marketing Europe Fine Fragrances

    The new collection was introduced to customers at our creative centres in Paris, New York, and São Paulo in early 2018, when they experienced for themselves the results of our focus on the exploration of tastes such as hyper-realistic fruitiness, new sweetness frontiers, juiciness, as well as delicate savoury or mixology notes.

    The daring of Project Delight reflects the spirit of pioneering innovation characteristic of our 250-year odyssey: the creation of new flavours and fragrances by exploring questions in sensory experiences.