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Our unique positioning

Bringing together our capabilities

We have diversified and grown across four axes.

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Geographic expansion into high growth markets


Customer diversification


Scaling up


Expanding beyond flavours and fragrances

  • 1990s: expansion from mature to high growth markets, matching the growth of our multinational customers.

  • Entry into India and China 1993-1994, Middle East in 1999.

  • Early 2000: diversifying into the local and regional customer base.

  • This continues today, and GBS will further enhance our flexibility in serving local and regional customers.

  • Flavour and fragrance market leadership secured with Quest acquisition in 2007.

  • Further growth on geographic and customer axes.

  • Expansion across applications e.g. oral care, fine fragrances, snacks.

  • Moving more into active cosmetic ingredients, natural extracts and integrated solutions.

  • Executing our focused merger and acquisition strategy in adjacent areas.

We have enhanced our operations through business optimisation and excellence.

SAP implementation

Managing the business more

Givaudan Business Solutions (GBS)

Optimised processes and enhanced customer experience


We have unique capabilities to service our customers.


Leadership in R&D and innovation

  • Largest talent pool and investment in R&D in the industry
  • Uniquely placed to fill the gap of large FMCG players outsourcing innovation and supporting local and regional champions
  • Leading presence with industry bodies and regulators


Broad diversification

  • Market leading position in all sub-segments
  • Global footprint with scale to service local market needs
  • Global capabilities to manage complex regulatory landscape


Operational excellence

  • Proximity to customers ensuring rapid speed to market
  • Best-in-class technologies to reduce our environmental impact from production
  • Ongoing commitment to improving environmental performance


Best-in-class customer service

  • Mastering complexity in the supply chain
  • GBS to enhance the overall customer experience
  • Investments in resources and systems to assure innovation and regulatory compliance


Unparalleled customer insight

  • Industry-leading preference discovery platforms and consumer insight programmes for consumer understanding, cultural insights and sensorial decoding
  • Levering digital capabilities to enhance insights in consumer trends


Leadership in naturals and sustainability

  • Broad Naturals portfolio strengthened through recent acquisitions
  • A holistic approach to naturals grounded in an understanding of sourcing, natural extraction and cooking techniques
  • Strategic partnerships in sourcing for shared value
  • Sustainability approach embedded in the business