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Excellence in operations

Driving customer success

Excellence in operations is the cornerstone of Givaudan’s commitment to its customers.

Our commitment to customers

It is a commitment that drives a culture of agility, innovation and continuous improvement across all our 64 production sites around the world. Each day, our dedicated teams transform the original creations of our talented perfumers and flavourists into products that meet customer demands and changing consumer preferences along with increasingly stringent standards for quality, speed and agility.

Our expanding global footprint ensures that we are close to our customers and their markets, no matter where they are in the world. It enables us to source our precious natural ingredients in remote areas with a focus on quality and traceability, to bring value-added flavour solutions to market faster and to deliver our custom-designed perfume products with ever-shorter lead times.

Quality and continuous improvement in delivering with excellence

Our Flavour Division is focused on further evolving its strong quality foundation by engraining a culture of quality and continuous improvement. Visible progress has been made in our quality excellence development programmes through the deployment of structured assessments determining both the degree of maturity of our implemented processes and our collaborative, problem-solving capabilities.

Guaranteeing continuity of supply to our customers

Our Fragrance Division supplies about 23,000 exclusive fragrance references on a make-to-order basis with customer forecast accuracy that can vary from 25-50%. The ability to deliver on time and at 99% service and quality levels is one of our greatest strengths. Put simply, managing complexity at world-class levels is a core competency and a competitive advantage at Givaudan.

Driving excellence across the supply chain

In 2018, we continued the implementation of our 2020 operational plan, aimed at bringing more agility to meet fast-changing customer needs while continuing to reduce our supply chain costs. The divisional supply chain functions worked closely together in the design and implementation of Givaudan Business Solution (GBS), the new organisational entity that works in partnership with the divisions to ensure end to end supply chain solutions.


Full version: Sourcing and operations – 2018 Integrated Annual Report