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Corporate citizenship

Pursuing socially responsible growth

We are aware of our obligations in making a difference where we can within our own operations, with our suppliers and in the communities in which we work.

In pursuing socially responsible growth, we are mindful of our duties and are committed to adhering to the highest ethical standards in interactions with our stakeholders. We are committed to respect for human rights wherever we do business and to provide safe and healthy working conditions for our employees, contractors and visitors. We strive to make a positive impact on the communities in which we are present.

Guiding principles on human rights and child labour

Our actions and approach are aligned with international standards, and we fully support the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

The basis of our ethical standards, specifically Responsible Corporate Citizenship, can be found in our Principles of Conduct, which is supported by policies and guidelines. We expect every employee to take personal accountability for upholding our Principles in daily actions within their own sphere of influence and with business partners and stakeholders.

The initial phase of our three-step Human Rights Impact Assessment was completed in 2018. An initial high-level impact assessment conducted by a well-established human rights consultancy concluded that Givaudan already has a strong corporate culture and robust systems in place. It also showed that we are already addressing human rights impacts that are most salient to our industry, in particular the ones relating to health, safety or child labour.

All forms of child or forced labour are against our principles. This applies to employment within Givaudan and to the partners and suppliers with which we work. Our Principles of Conduct stipulate that we do not practice or tolerate any form of child exploitation or forced labour and that we do not provide employment to children before they have completed their compulsory education. This applies to employment within Givaudan and to the partners and suppliers with whom we work. In 2018, we were in compliance with these principles.

Community engagement

Communities and neighbourhoods where we operate are critical to our long-term success. Our business can affect communities and these local stakeholders may in turn impact our activities. We actively develop and sustain relationships with communities and listen to community representatives to take their point of view into account, and integrate their feedback into our sustainability activities.

Charitable giving

Local communities also benefit from our charitable giving. We monitor this spend at every site and have had an annual budget allocation process for charitable giving for all our sites since 2012. In 2018, the total spend on charitable giving for local communities was CHF 1.8 million.


Full version: Good Governance – 2018 Integrated Annual Report