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Expanding our capabilities through acquisitions

Acquisitions have always been a part of Givaudan’s strategy to create value. Our 250-year heritage of growth and expansion is rooted in a drive to innovate products and solutions that ‘engage your senses’.

Today, an increasing emphasis on more natural products that promote health and well-being shapes our approach to expansion through acquisitions, strategic partnerships and investments.

“Key to our strategy of value creation is a particular focus on areas where we can deliver winning solutions for our customers. In the last four years and fully aligned with our 2020 strategy, Givaudan has announced the acquisition of nine companies, each of which supports our strategic priorities of expanding our offer in Naturals, Active Beauty and Integrated Solutions.”

Tom Hallam, Chief Financial Officer

Acquisition update: 2020 strategy in motion

Acquisition update: 2020 strategy in motion

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Proforma 2018, including Naturex


Full version: Acquisitions – Strategic value creation – 2018 Integrated Annual Report