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Cultivating innovative thinking and sharing

Our new Fragrance Creative Centre in Mexico City provides an environment that cultivates innovative thinking, sharing and collaboration while bringing us closer to key customers and their markets.

Fragrance Creative Centre in Mexico

With about 2,800 square metres of space, the new centre hosts our creative and development teams, application and technology labs, marketing and consumer market research, as well as our commercial teams for Mexico and Central America. It will play an important role by offering expert craftsmanship and a deep knowledge in fragrance creation together with custom-built fragrance evaluation services to deliver the finest quality perfumes.

Our business in Mexico began in 1949 and since then we’ve been innovating and developing as consumers’ tastes change and evolve. Today, by enhancing our creative capabilities in Mexico and Central America, we are supporting long-term business growth in the region, a key market in our 2020 strategy.

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