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Adding vibrancy with freshness flavour solutions

We all know that ‘first burst’ of freshness in foods, the vibrancy of freshly added ingredients. But it’s a joy that may not always be there, especially in convenience foods.

Flavour solutions using FreezeFrame®

Our Flavours teams have developed a range of freshness flavour solutions using FreezeFrame®, a technology to capture freshness and add taste and vibrancy to convenience foods.

Launched in 2017, initially in a range of seven top notes and taste solutions, the new innovation fits with our existing flavour solutions and is a direct response to strong consumer demand for fresher tasting convenience foods.

It’s an innovative approach that grew from Givaudan’s Chef’s Council in New York, where we explored with some of the world’s leading chefs what makes a freshly prepared eating experience. It helped us understand what freshness perception means and translate the taste of freshly prepared food into vibrant flavour solutions that will revitalise the eating experience of convenience foods.

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