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Our talent, performance and culture

Contributing to sustainable growth

Fundamental to our success are more than 11,100 employees working at 109 sites in over 40 countries. Our people have a wide variety of skills ranging from researchers to perfumers, evaluators and sensory scientists and from flavourists and food technologists to production workers, and administrative and commercial teams.

Valuing people

In 2017, we hired 1,553 employees, and our turnover rate was largely stable, at 10% compared to 9% in 2016. These new employees joined a workforce that has a mix of age and gender in a variety of geographical locations with different employment contracts and types of work. It is a priority for us to have the right balance, aiming at attracting, developing and retaining talented and creative professionals, engaged in making a positive difference.

It is a priority for us to have the right balance, aiming at attracting, developing and retaining talented and creative professionals, engaged in making a positive difference.

Genuine dialogue is important in enabling employees and the Company to better understand each other’s challenges and find ways to resolve them. We have a proud history of constructive dialogue with employee representatives and we support the freedom of individuals to join trade unions or other employee representative bodies. Givaudan regularly consults with employee representatives.

Communication is particularly important when employees are affected by significant operational changes, and we respect legal local notice periods prior to the implementation of changes that could substantially affect our employees, either through direct communication to our employees or through their elected representatives, works councils or other groups.


We aim to nurture a pipeline of industry experts and future leaders and to develop their skills for sustained success. We are able to strengthen our leadership capabilities through our Leadership Senses programme, now a complete suite of four programmes, each targeting a different level of the Company’s leadership. A strong pool of local talent and industry experts is also important in order to support growth in all markets. This is done by further embedding our Talent Acquisition organisation to support business needs.

We also invest in delivering targeted technical and functional development programmes through Masterclasses for the business divisions and our academies for Finance, Controlling, Procurement and IM&T. Our perfumers and flavourists are accompanied in their development by following programmes in our Perfumery School and our global Flavourist School programme.


In order to create an environment where people are motivated to perform at their best, we continue to focus on individual performance and career discussions.

In addition, with our commitment to an empowered workforce comes our commitment that all employees are paid at least – and in most cases well above – the minimum salary stipulated by law or collective agreements. Our compensation packages are competitive and enable us to attract, retain and motivate qualified employees. We conduct annual benchmarking studies to ensure our compensation offering is competitive. Salaries are reviewed by taking into account macroeconomic data such as cost of living and market evolution. In addition, our profit sharing scheme allows non-management employees to share in Company profits. Related to this topic is the ratio of basic salary and remuneration of women to men, a priority topic at Givaudan.


We foster a positive environment of openness and curiosity, where we shape and share innovative ideas that drive sustainable growth and create memorable flavours and fragrances. By being challenging, we perform with a mindset of best and see challenges as opportunities for a better future. And by acting with heart and soul, we drive positive change, establish true partnerships, take responsibility for our actions and act with empathy and humility.

We embrace a balanced workforce throughout our organisation.

We are fully committed to increasing inclusiveness and diversity in our workforce. Our Diversity Position Statement outlines our commitment to ensuring a representative workforce that reflects the diverse communities in which we operate.

For the full version please visit page 44 of the Annual Report.