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Givaudan Business Solutions

Creating a platform for the future

Givaudan Business Solutions (GBS) is being created as a platform for the future that will improve internal efficiencies, leverage best practices from across the organisation and increase our agility to better deliver to customers. GBS is the foundation of our strategic pillar ‘delivering with excellence’ to further improve operational efficiency and reduce internal complexities.

In seeking to remain competitive in the long term and create opportunities to grow alongside our customers, we saw the need to proactively evolve our internal processes to be better equipped to meet the changing needs of our customers and their consumers – and we believe GBS will meet that need.

Solutions and services

Givaudan employees, who embrace our DNA and commitment to the customer, make up our GBS teams. The solutions GBS provides are fully in support of and aligned with the business and are designed to enable the new and innovative ways of working that will increase our effectiveness.

The solutions from GBS have been designed to be straightforward and easy to use, leverage innovation to enable us to work in new ways, and scalable and replicable across our business divisions and geographies. In addition, we designed solutions that aim to reduce internal complexities and add value to the business, allowing our people to focus more on core activities and their professional development. 

At the heart of GBS, we have designed seamlessly integrated Supply Chain, Finance, Procurement and Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solutions that will bring direct value to our customers. 

To drive excellence in execution throughout Givaudan, GBS will be the home to a common continuous improvement approach shared by the divisions and functions so that we can harmonise our activities, better leverage best practices and address improvement opportunities more systematically. Finally, we will focus on bringing simplicity to our internal customers in the areas of HR, IM&T, Controlling, EHS and Sustainability.

The benefits of a fully implemented GBS will include proactive monitoring of our supply chain to ensure our customers get what they need, when they need it, every time; and the use of digital innovation to speed up many of our processes, such as order entry and confirmation, from days to hours. The transfer of administrative activities from our local HR and Controlling professionals will allow them to focus on supporting our business and our people through increased partnership with the business.


As part of the design process, we recognised that some processes would be best executed locally, close to the markets and our customers, while others would be better performed centrally. As such, GBS will operate from three regional delivery centres and a satellite supply chain location in North America. In Europe and the Americas we will expand our existing centres in Budapest, Hungary and Buenos Aires, Argentina. In Asia Pacific, we have opened a new centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. While the majority of GBS solutions will be delivered from the centralised teams in these locations, collaboration with current Givaudan sites will be essential.  

The implementation in Europe has begun and the activities of Givaudan Finance Services and Procurement support centres were transitioned to GBS in August 2017. In Asia Pacific, Finance and IM&S procurement activities began the move during the year, with the other functional areas being implemented in 2019. We will continue to move activities into the GBS centres over the next three years with implementation in North America and Latin America starting in mid-2018. 

Givaudan will invest CHF 170 million until mid-2020. This investment will generate annual recurring savings of CHF 60 million once fully implemented.

And when complete, we are confident we will have the platform required to drive efficiency, leverage best practices from across the organisation and continually improve our processes, to the benefit of all of our stakeholders. 

For the full version please visit page 40 of the Annual Report.