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Protecting our reputation

Givaudan’s good reputation and name has been built over a long and rich history, and  we are committed to adhere to the highest ethical standards in the way we interact with all our stakeholders – customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees, competitors, government agencies and the communities in which we operate. Being open, transparent and honest in our dealings with these stakeholders allows us to grow responsibly and share our success.

Principles of Conduct

The basis for Givaudan’s ethical standards is set down in the Company’s ‘Principles of Conduct’,  last reviewed and updated in 2016. The Principles of Conduct consist of three pillars: Legal & Ethical Business Dealings, Responsible Corporate Citizenship and Protecting Givaudan’s Assets.

The Principles also include a section on ‘How we live the Principles’, which reiterates each employee’s responsibility for ethics and integrity and explains the channels for reporting any violation of the Principles, including the worldwide Compliance Helpline. They are, as well as any policies specifying any principle, available in all 15 Company languages.

To strengthen the implementation of the Principles of Conduct, in 2017 Givaudan updated its Compliance and Ethics Programme Policy. This programme is based on the compliance and fraud prevention concept of ‘prevent – detect – respond’. The Corporate Compliance Officer oversees the administration of the Compliance and Ethics Programme and coordinates with dedicated functions for effective compliance management.

The Corporate Compliance Officer is assisted by a global compliance team and a network of local compliance officers and regional compliance coordinators to further enhance the function. The Group Data Protection Officer, reporting to the Corporate Compliance Officer, oversees the implementation of the Group Data Protection strategy to address changes that will happen on the entry into force of new legislation in the European Union as well as in Switzerland. The Corporate Compliance Officer carries out regular compliance risk assessments with the local compliance officers and corporate functions.

Anti-bribery management

The Principles of Conduct state that Givaudan has zero tolerance of bribery and corruption, and does not make facilitation payments. Anti-corruption compliance is managed as part of the Givaudan compliance management system.

Organisation’s values and principles

Legal and ethical business dealings

Compliance with the law and Givaudan Policies

Bribery and corruption

Gifts and entertainment

Competition law

Insider dealing

Conflicts of interests

Ethical conduct

Responsible corporate citizenship

Human rights

Preserving the environment

Diversity and fair treatment

Fair employment standards and safe work environment

Child labour

Protecting Givaudan’s assets

Fraud against Givaudan

Open communication

Protection of confidential information and trade secrets, intellectual property

Conduct in research, development, application and creation

Human rights and child labour

Givaudan endorses the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and bases its human rights commitment on the International Bill of Human Rights. In 2017, we started a Human Rights Impact Assessment that aims to meet best practice standards in the management of human rights.

We are against all forms of exploitation of children, and our Principles of Conduct stipulate that we will not provide employment to children before they have completed their compulsory education. In 2017, we had no incidents of forced or child labour at Givaudan.

Local communities

We are active in developing and sustaining our relationships with the communities where we operate around the world and take the views of local representatives into account in our sustainability activities.

Charitable giving

We monitor charitable spend at every site and have had an annual budget allocation process for charitable giving for all our sites since 2012. In 2017, the total spend on charitable giving for local communities was CHF 1,503,925.

For the full version please visit page 53 of the Annual Report.