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Responsible sourcing, preparing for the future

Global consumers are better informed and they take more conscious decisions. They consider their own role in addressing social and environmental issues. They understand that they have an obligation to change their purchasing behaviour: to purchase fair and responsible products.


Our customers in turn seek solutions to answer these demands for more transparency about their products, and we have taken the opportunity to engage with our customers and suppliers to push the boundaries of responsible sourcing.

Our suppliers are key partners in sourcing of materials and services essential for our business. Strong partnerships are needed to shape differentiating products that better respond to accelerated consumer demand for more sustainable products.

We source our direct and indirect materials as well as services from 15,000 suppliers. For our flavour and fragrance creations we source more than 10,000 raw materials from over 100 countries. These materials often involve long journeys from local producers to our warehouses, involving thousands of people and their wider communities. It is essential that high ethical standards and practices are upheld throughout our supply base.

Continuing to prepare our value chain for the future, our Responsible Sourcing programme strives for compliance of our direct suppliers and of key raw materials supply chains to responsible sourcing guidelines.

In 2016, we launched our Responsible Sourcing Policy, the first of its kind in the flavour and fragrance industry. The policy informs and asks our suppliers and service providers to adhere to four core areas of responsible sourcing: health & safety, social, environment and business integrity.
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We strive to be our customers’ and suppliers’ partner of choice and build a portfolio of materials and services that are under our Responsible Sourcing programme. It shows more than ever our commitment to providing safe products of consistent quality that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.