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Collaborative innovation in fragrances helps to start the day

Partnerships will play an increasing role as we accelerate innovation in our Company, but these collaborations to ‘bring the outside in’ may involve the surprising and unconventional, as experienced by our Fragrance teams in 2016.

Givaudan Sensorwake

In France, teenager Guillaume Rolland was fed up with being woken by the sound of his standard alarm, so he set about developing a clock that could ease the sleeper’s awake by scent instead. Quickly raising funds for his idea, Guillaume’s olfactory alarm clock, Sensorwake, was one of Google’s top 15 inventions of 2014.

When Guillaume started looking for different fragrances to use in his new clock, our Fragrance teams swung into action. We have established a small innovation ideas team that is on the lookout for start-ups like Guillaume’s – and our team knew that speed and agility were essential for this collaboration to succeed. Even Guillaume himself commented on the flexibility of the team, given the size of Givaudan, and praised the understanding we showed about the start-up environment from which Sensorwake had emerged.
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Three of our leading perfumers from Fine Fragrances and Consumer Products worked with Guillaume and his team to quickly create a palette of delicious morning scents for which people around the world might leave their beds, including fresh coffee, buttered toast and hot croissant. Guillaume’s entrepreneurialism has been enriching for us, and this enterprising collaboration in innovation continues, with more Sensorwake fragrances to come. The possibilities seem unlimited. One day you may be woken by the scent of … well, anything you wish.